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To date, our table display has consisted of a table cloth. That's pretty much about it. We did once dabble with a shelf-type-thing the assembly of which wouldn't have been out of place as a qualifying round on The Krypton Factor. It was soon put aside in favour of, well, another table cloth. A blue one.
So, for 2015, we decided to shake things up a bit and put on an actual display. Various themes were discussed, including 'all-black' and '50 Shades Of Grey' but thanks to the fanatisicm of Alastair's daughter, Heather, for the BBC TV show The Great British Bake Off, we had our inspiration. We don't bake - we make. You can see where this is going.
Combined with a couple of group builds providing us with a set menu for the dislay, the table was set and the plates laid out - literally. In addition to the main course, there were cake tiers at the back, each centering on a different theme and titled with the worst food-related puns since someone decided to open a kebab/pizzaria and call it Pitta Pan!
Although the display failed to garner the club with a prize, it did garnish us with a healthy sprinkling of attention, especially Alastair's 'Scotch egg'.
As for the rest of the show, people put models on tables and other people looked at them. People also bought stuff from the people who sold it and the competition once again divided the masses like Moses and a certain body of water.
Can't wait to do it all again next year!



2015 saw the inaugural show for Scale Scotland. This event was held at the Hilton Hotel, Edinburgh Airport, and was, by all appearances, a great success.


East Neuk Model Club was in attendance and was represented by members Gary, Bruce, Kevin and Gordon.


Unlike other shows that are usually held in a large, open area, Scale Scotland utilised several corridors and rooms of the Hilton to stage the event. This was certainly a different approach and often meant you were stumbling across something you hadn't seen earlier. At first, it was a little disorientating, but as the day wore on, we were all getting used to where everything was located. The more immediate setting of the hotel also lent a hitherto unknown luxurious feel, with the white linen table cloths and name cards being supplied for EVERYONE - traders and clubs alike. The cosseted feeling of carpet underfoot meant getting down on one's knees to see a display didn't cripple the viewer.


In addition to costumed WWI enactments and several tutorial displays (tree-making and AK Interactive weathering lessons) there was also a 'Make 'n' Take' and a competition. Bruce, Gary and Gordon all put in entries with both Bruce and Gary taking away a Silver for their models - a 1/48 Focke-Achgelis Fa 330 U Boat rotorcraft and a 1/32 Tamiya Corsair F4U-1A respectively. Gordon, on the other hand, took away a little bit more... one bronze (1/72 Heinkel 112), two silvers (1/72 Airfix Zero and Spitfire Mk22), a gold (1/48 scratch-built Lohner), and a best in show for the Lohner again, or as it will soon be known 'The Devourer (of awards)'!


All in all, a great day was had by all and there will be no doubt that the club will be in attendance again next year.



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