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August 2019
"Shiny, shiny, shiny planes of metal." might have gone the lyrics, had Lou Reed, been an enthusiastic modeller and not a hedonistic and pioneering rock star. Thankfully, there were a few of said shiny planes at our recent competition night (and thankfully no 'shiny' shiny, shiny boots of leather!), which, due to an initial lack of entrants, jolly good sports and all-round dandys, Gary and Kevin (the only entrants in August) decided in the fairness of all things sportsman-like, to carry the comp over to September to let those originally on holiday or too lazy to attempt anything the first time around, a chance to get something on the table. Kinda worked. Anyway, the theme this month was Bare Metal Finish.
Our demo this evening came courtesy of Jeff, who gave us a fascinating insight into the wonderful world of Gashapon! Gashapon, the word, is the onomatopoeic from the two sounds "gasha" (or "gacha") for the hand-cranking action of a toy-vending machine, and "pon" for the toy capsule landing in the collection tray and has nothing at all to do with what you thought when you first read it.
The overall results of the competition were:
1st - Bruce - Tamiya 1/48 A6M5 Zero
2nd - Kevin - 1/72 Academy P-47D Thunderbolt
3rd - Gary - 1/144 LS Ki-84 'Frank'
4th - Alastair - 1/144 Canberra
Check out the 2019 competition leader board here.
Have a birl through the images and click to enlarge!
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