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June, 2016

The word diorama /ˌdaɪəˈrɑːmə/ can either refer to a 19th-century mobile theatre device, or, in modern usage, a three-dimensional full-size or miniature model, sometimes enclosed in a glass showcase for a museum. Dioramas are often built by hobbyists as part of related hobbies such as military vehicle modelingminiature figure modeling, or aircraft modeling.
That's according to Wikipedia. Not so the lads of The East Neuk Model Club. To us, diorama usually means gluing some grass flock onto a bit of card and then sticking a bush on it for added meaning. So all the stops were pulled out for the June comp night. Pringle tops and door stops became moving homages to war and its horror and daring men who risk their lives for money.
Oh and some even went to the trouble of putting a little thought into their works. Imagine that? I did say 'a little' thought...
The results of the competition were:
1st - Kevin
2nd - Alex
3rd - Gary
Have a birl through the images and click to enlarge!
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