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August, 2014

August, the eighth month of the year, leaving the more accurately named October to flounder around in tenth place - an honour that should belong to December. Originally, August was named Sextili because it was the sixth month in the then ten-month Roman calendar. It became the 'octo' month when Pompilius decided to add January and Feburary because, well, he could. He also only gave it 29 days, but it was later given an additional two by Julius Ceaser so he could make that month rhyme work - you know; "30 days hath September..."?*
*That last part may not be entirely true
The results of the competition were:
1st - Kevin's Me 410
2nd - Gary's D0-28 Skyservant
3rd - Alastair's Hawker Hurricane
Have a birl through the images and click to enlarge!
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