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October, 2016

The theme for our October competition night was a break from the norm in that it was left up to that most fickle of fickle fickles, chance, to determine who was building what. Back in the dim and distant past that was last December, we each sought out the direst kit in our stashes - the ones that actually get returned from the raffle - and wrapped them up all bonny like. They were then given a number which was placed into a hat (or bowl to give it its correct name) and each participating member then held their breath for it was well baited, and picked their number. The corresponding kit would then be built for this very night the stunning results of which can be viewed below. And you know what? They weren't half bad at that!
The results of the competition were:
1st - Kevin - 1/48 Israeli Hughes 
2nd - Alastair - 1/72 Bf110
3rd - Neil - Maschinen Krieger Exosuit
Have a birl through the images and click to enlarge!
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