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April, 2015

There are many great things that start with letters and end in the number 40. 'WD' for example, keeping the world lubricated since 1958! 'UB' makes a very nice combination with the aforementioned 2-score digit (the band, not the employment status). Who can forget such memorable blasts from the pasts such as 'Red, red wine.' and 'Rat in the kitchen'? But such trivia is behind the boys of the East Neuk Model Club, because all we're intereted in is a 'P' - as in the one from the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. The rules were simple, build the new-tool Airfix Curtis Hawk Out-Of-Box(-ish). 6 rides made it across the finish line but in true nanny-state fashion, it was unanimously decided that everyone was a winner, but I think that was just an excuse so we all got two cup-cakes each.
Have a birl through the images and click to enlarge!
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