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December, 2016

Christmas comes but once a year when an old man empties his sack in front of your fireplace, steals some biscuits (probably farts) and then buggers off without so much as a ho-ho-ho. But that's enough about Bruce.
It's also the time of year for the East Neuk boys to have their seasonal double-bill all crammed into two hours of festive fun and frolics. That means not only is it one of our themed competition nights, but also out quiz night to boot! Bruce was the host with the most and we were the poor sods with minds as blank as a field of fresh snow 'pon Christmas morn'.
The theme of the comp was, as per the only Yuletide tradition we at the club cling to, a colour. For 2016 it was blue as in 'Blue Christmas' by Mud which you will have probably heard played about a dozen times by the time you read this. 
The turn-out was indeed, like the aforementioned fireplace on Christmas Morning, with a veritable sack-load of goodies deposited for one and all to savour...
The results of the competition were:
1st - Kevin - Airfix 1/72 FM-2 Wildcat
2nd - Gary - William's Brothers 1/32 Caudron C460
3rd - Gordon 1/72 AZ Models Spitfire TR.8
Have a birl through the images and click to enlarge!
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