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RNAS 3pdr gun truck


During the opening months of WWI there was still a lot of movement on the battlefield. As well as the Royal Naval Air Service the Royal Navy created an armoured car unit to provide a fast mobile reconnaissance unit. In order to provide the ground troops with mobile artillery support a number of trucks were fitted with 3pdr guns. These trucks were based on the B Type Omnibus chassis as used by the London General Omnibus Company. A couple of photos of these trucks were found on the internet and as I always have a couple of Omnibuses in the stash it was time for another conversion.


The basic chassis and cab were built up as per the instructions. The rear body was discarded and a new body fitted. Frame inserts had to be made to provide some rigidity in the chassis. The red kit is being used for this model. Balsa wood strip was used to provide the support for the rear body and raise it above the wheels. The rear deck was made from plank embossed plastic card. Two pieces of the embossed card were glued back to back. Sides were then cut out and this gave the impression of planks on both sides. Some chain was used to the support the two dropped sides.


I found a drawing of the truck on line and expanded it to 1/32 scale. The 3pdr gun was made from bits and pieces from the spares box. Three different diameters of rod made up the gun barrel. The shield was from plastic card.


Once it was all in place the model was ready for paint. I decided on a grey as the truck was used by the RNAS. I don’t know if there were any markings applied to the truck so I didn’t add any, although I’m sure there would have been a number plate of some sorts at the front.


Quite a straightforward conversion and it add something else to the table.

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