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Limo Jeep

The Jeep was an extremely versatile piece of kit. It could tow anti-tank guns or be fitted with 50 cal machine guns and bazookas. The soldiers in the field modified them to suit their needs. One such photo shows a Jeep that had been stretched so it could accommodate extra troops. It had been rebuilt from several wrecked Jeeps and part of a shot down aircraft. This looked easy enough to replicate in model form so armed with a Italeri 1/35 Jeep I set about it.


I added a 15mm section in the middle of the chassis. The initial cut was made just in front of the rear suspension. The body was also cut at the appropriate place to match the chassis. The floor, sides and internal structure were made using plasticard. A longer prop shaft was also fitted using plastic rod. A rail was added to the rear section and a wire cutter, made from ‘L’ shape Evergreen strip, was fitted to the front bumper.


The Jeep was painted Tamiya XF-62 Olive Drab. Markings came from the kit decals and my decal bank. The only thing I haven’t been able to add so far is the name ‘Purple Heart’ on the bottom of the windscreen. Another straight forward conversion and at shows it gets a second take.

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